Petr Vabroušek, pro triathlete
"Tri Fun Fit is a brilliant combination of triathlon and entertainment with an international reach. It is an honor for me to participate in their activities!"

Guilherme Ferreira Campos, pro triathlete
"Tri Fun Fit is a "funny" touch to the competitive world of triathlon. In this era, sometimes we forget why we do this sport: be fit and have fun!"

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  • Tri Fun Fit, s.r.o.
  • Na Dlaskově 94, Brtnice, Velké Popovice, 251 69, Prague - est, Czech Republic
  • +420 775 97 56 57, +39 348 872 00 50‬
  • info@trifunfit.com

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This is the perfect title that sums up my way of life: workout, have fun and be fit! I am fortunate enough to love endurance sports and nature, always wanting to test by studying and trying to understand the medical foundation of a good workout plan. To be a triathlete, a sportsman of endurance, or someone who takes care of their own well-being is a lifestyle that is cultivated every day - something that you feel, something that comes from within. Through my passion and experience in the field, I would like to send you advice, motivation and a few moments of leisure, maybe catching a smile at the end of your busy day!

Train, have Fun, be Fit!

Gabriele Frascona’

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