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Para Fun Fit, a new blog by Honza Tománek

Publikováno: 2019-03-24 21:47:44
Kategorie: Para Fun Fit , Sports Characters

And here we are with sports champion Honza Tománek, a tough and determined man who has been able to wreak havoc in a difficult situation, despite a nasty accident, and lives his life to the fullest, even in sports! Honza is an examplar of strong will, an excellent para triathlete and not only that, but a great inspiration for everyone!

Tri Fun Fit: Hi Honza, would you tell us anything about your sporting passions?

Honza: "No exaggeration, I can say that sport has followed me throughout my life. Even before the accident, I combined several sports, but in none of them was I not at the top level. After the injury, I didn't have much opportunity to do sports at first, but when I was able to get my own handbike with the support of my family, it was clear that I had found what I was missing again. It was cycling that helped me overcome that difficult period and allowed me to do sports, but later I didn't see it as a personal challenge. I started to set higher and higher goals, and the transition to a long triathlon and endurance cross-country skiing was what made me happy. ”

Tri Fun Fit: Would you tell us how your attitude to sports changed and how you became the 70.3 Ironman World Champion?

Honza: ''I have been doing top sports for more than 10 years, but only for the last 2 - 3 years do I believe I do sports in right way. I am a big perfectionist and before that I had a tendency to push my own limits. My efforts were enormous, I didn’t respect the physiological or psychological needs of my body and I reached my limit. Repeated health problems had been showing me for years that something was wrong. But I didn't notice them. It was only when I was in the hospital that I felt that I was doing something wrong and that I had to change my attitude. I began to pay attention to my body and listen to it. I stopped doubting my decisions and learned to perceive and experience the present moment."

Tri Fun Fit: What are your future sports goals?

Honza: "I want to defend the title of World Champion in the 70.3 Ironman for the third time in a row and try to be nominated for the Paralympic Summer Olympic Games in the Paratriathlon. In the longer term, I want to finish my first full ironman and win the championship title in Hawaii, because endurance challenges are my true love."

Tri Fun Fit: What would you like to focus on in your blog - PARA FUN FIT

Honza: ''I think the biggest benefit of my sporting activity is the opportunity to inspire the people around me. I consider this to be far more valuable than the medals and titles themselves. Of course, I want to contribute to a better public awareness of the top handicapped sport, but also to share my feelings and sports experiences, because where there’s a will, there’s a way!''

We thank Honza for a nice interview and we are glad to share his thoughtful answers with you.

Today we are introducing a new category of our blog called Para Fun Fit, where Honza will write about his experiences and with him, you will be able to discover another beautiful side of the world of sport!

Visit Honza’s official site:
web site: www.honzatomanek.com
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/paramaniak/

Be Tri, Have Fun, Be Fit!

Tri Fun Fit team


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