Petr Vabroušek, pro triathlete
"Tri Fun Fit is a brilliant combination of triathlon and entertainment with an international reach. It is an honor for me to participate in their activities!"

Guilherme Ferreira Campos, pro triathlete
"Tri Fun Fit is a "funny" touch to the competitive world of triathlon. In this era, sometimes we forget why we do this sport: be fit and have fun!"

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Planning your training is like jigsaw puzzle. It's not an easy process. You need extensive knowledge and experience to meet your personal and physical needs. Train the right way, don’t risk injuries and reach your goals step-by-step.

Andrea Gabba

A Successful Italian coach, he is currently coaching the Italian triathlon national team of the U23. Andrea comes from Torino and began his career as a trainer at an early age. His wife, Nadia Cortassa, was an athlete of the modern pentathlon where she excelled in running and swimming. He then had the idea of ​​bringing her to the triathlon, and Andrea became her coach. Nadia was the best Italian triathlete in 2002-2008, she finished 5th at the Olympics in Athens, won 2 silver and 2 bronze medals at European championships, won the world championships of the teams and won many medals at Italian competitions. Then Andrea became the coach of the Italian women's national team and led him to the Olympics in Beijing. Between 2009 and 2012, he trained the long distance team and managed to bring athletes medals in many races. From 2012 to 2016, he worked as a coach in the Turkish Triathlon National Team, which he led to the European Championship with the success of his sixth place in charge of Jonas Schomburg and his victory in the World Championship. Andrea was also a very good athlete. He participated in more than 100 races as athlete, including sprint, Xterra, Ironmans, and the Hawaii World Championship in the age-group category. Andrea is preparing training plans for triathletes of all levels, from beginners to Ironman champions.

Web: www.triathloncoach.it       E-mail: andreagabba@libero.it       Facebook: www.facebook.com/andreagabba

Petr Vabroušek

A Triathlonist recorder, whose CV will leave you breathless: 183 finished Ironman distance races in the PRO category, 36x Ironman distance victory (including the Ironman and Challenge series); 15x Ironman in Hawaii as PRO; 80x top ten in official Ironman races; 21x top ten in official Challenge full distance races; 2x overall winner ITU Long Distance triathlon World Cup; 1st place Antarctic Ice Marathon; 1st place Antarctic 100 Km Ultra; 1st place North Pole Marathon. Petr has a wealth of experience and is one of the most qualified experts. He will help you plan your workouts and create it for you and your time requirements. He includes all his know-how (training, races, equipment, nutrition, tactics ...). His specialization is long triathlon and ultramarathon and is able to train in both Czech and English. Petr is the official distributor of premium brands www.slstri.com and www.blueseventy.com all over Europe at unbeatable prices. 

Web: www.petrvabrousek.cz     E-mail: petr@vabrousek.cz     Facebook: www.facebook.com/PetrVabrousek     Distributor: www.sls3.cz      www.blue70.cz

Filip Ospalý

His career began in 1992. Between 1999 - 2017, he has been engaged as a professional triathlete. He started in 3 Olympics. He has raced all over the world in routes all the way, from sprint to OH TT to medium and long triathlons with success in each of them (3x Olympics, 4x European Champion title, 7:58:44 at the first start of the long triathlon and many others). He graduated from the University of Economics and attended several coaching courses. When it comes to training, he prefers quality over quantity - he has a limited number of clients both in Czech Republic and Slovakia, and elsewhere. Filip Ospaly Coaching Zone is not just about coaching, but also access to the triathlon world in general - from regeneration, nutrition, psychology, equipment to combining demanding sport as a hobby with family and work life. He is able to train in both Czech and English.

Tel: +420 603 585 093     E-mail: filip@ospaly.cz     Web: www.ospaly.cz     Facebook: www.facebook.com/OspalyFilip

Gabriele Frascona

A trainer for the passion of triathlon, calisthenics, fitness and posture, one of the creators of Tri Fun Fit, and an athlete who finished well for his age group, Gabriele began his experience in the Italian army as a paratrooper with a strong mentality and lots of motivation. In fact, he developed a strong relationship with endurance sports and after several years of work as a personal trainer (Issa), a triathlon trainer (Fitri) and a calisthenics instructor (Burnigate) on both national and international territory, he is now currently working as an alpine rescuer. With continuous study and the many certifications under his belt, he makes an excellent expert in the industry and a good source to ask questions free of charge. We’ll mention some of his participation in important races of the year 2015: IronMan 70.3 Texas (PB 4h34 ') and IronMan 70.3 Zeel am See final world championchip, IronMan Boulder (PB 9h57'), Marathon Belfast (PB 3h02 '), Half marathon Prague PB 1h24').

Tel: +39 333 721 91 96       E-mail: info@trifunfit.com      Web: www.trifunfit.com/it/content/19-train-fun-fit

trifunfit team

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