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Tri Fun Fit Plogging Day

Publikováno: 2019-03-15 11:47:55
Kategorie: Mountain Fun Fit , Tri Fun Fit

Here's how that wonderful Saturday at Lake Garda began, with a glorious sun and a summer-like October almost as in the Caribbean :-)

The idea was to make a nice, light circuit on foot, with just a jacket and a little something to drink, through the woods of Monte Baldo, on the slope just above the beautiful village of Malcesine.

The beauty of this area is that you're in the woods, but often you're blown away by everything else around you: the lake, the wonderful views everywhere, the colors of flora so special and colorful and the amazing fauna - you can see squirrels, roe deer and marmots practically everywhere. Everything is very close to civilization, because, let's be honest, we really have some incredible places at our fingertips, and many times, they’re just on the other side of your front door.

We love nature and we try to respect it as much as possible. This is one of the main philosophies of Tri Fun Fit, and in our small way, we are committed to this as much as possible. But unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone.

Often on medium and high mountain routes, on race tracks or simply on the roadside and in staging areas such as benches and parking lots, there are all kinds of waste, from tissues to glass beer bottles - which found their way there inside someone’s backpack, so I don’t see why people can’t bring their waste back home in their backpack as well!

When I run or walk in the mountains and see litter, I always think of Kílian, the well-known world champion in trail running and ski mountaineering. In some videos, you see him slow down at trash bins to throw away wrappers from power bars or energy gels. And when he does it, he risks losing the leading position of the race in events worldwide!

During our trek on this beautiful circuit, we were #PLOGGING at the same time. We got a bag to clear the path and the edge of the forest of any unwanted objects, any material that does not belong in nature - glass, plastic, but also banana peels, which, along with toilet paper, though biodegradable, still take one month to decompose. If everyone who passed threw a banana on the path, apart from increasing the number of accidents from sliding on banana peels, it would become a pigsty!

At the end of the trip, the satisfaction of having done something good came along with some bitterness, for having found how disrespectful and rude people are to nature.

Tri Fun Fit is doing its own small part to contribute to this worldwide project, which aims to raise awareness among occasional and non-nature visitors about not littering while doing outdoor activities, but rather to save trash in their backpacks and pockets. This can help avoid the intervention of PLOGGING TRIBU ', which sensibly tries to make a contribution to keeping nature clean. They stand in solidarity with nature, which unconditionally loves us, and aim to show that love in return!

Keep it clean!

You can make people aware too, by posting photos and videos and using #PLOGGING!

Be Tri, have Fun, be Fit

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